Takion ($TAK) is the native token for Mooning Monkey gaming platform.
Takion is the native token for Mooning Monkey gaming platform. The ticker symbol is $TAK. Buy tokens during sale, at a discount, in the market, or collect NFTs for daily free airdrops.
Will be launched soon

Takion Tokens ($TAK)

$TAK is the form of currency/income in the game. The currency is inflatable, and the currency is expected to grow as the in-game economy. $TAK is also used for bank rolling, cash backs, bonus, and rewards.
  • Token Name: TAKION
  • Token Symbol: $TAK
  • Contract Address: To be released
  • Chain: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Listing Price: $0.03

Token Allocation

The 1 billion $TAK tokens will be distributed as shown.
Token Allocation
Token Allocation

Token Vesting

The $TAK token vesting is planned to inject new supply directly into the air drops, game rewards and bonus, and staking pool yields. The token emission will be balanced to meet the supply-demand and support the game economy.
Token Vesting Schedule
Token Vesting Schedule

Token Circulating Supply

The circulating supply is designed to support incentive programs, token utility and demand, and support for upcoming games after the Mooning Monkey crash game.
Expected Actual Token Circulation

Perpetual Rewards

Mooning Monkeys will incentivize platform participants via its perpetual rewards pool.
Reward pool release schedule over time